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Loved by Shopify merchants, Amazon sellers and their accountants

"If you're not using A2X for Amazon Accounting you're doing it wrong!"

Easy to use and immediately saw the value. Splitting Amazon deposits between months was a brutal exercise and now A2X handles it all. A2X & Xero is a a no brainer tech stack for any Amazon seller.

Catherine F.
Accounting Manager
"Quick and Easy"

It's easy to use and mostly automatic, if you have any experience with accounting then you will have no problems using A2X, or if you are like me: your accountant will go through it with you in about 30 minutes. There are also plenty of tutorials online if you would prefer to do it that way, or just need a little reminder. I also have my Xero account connected to make things even easier.

Matthew G.
Director of Goodsprings
"Cool Software To Track Amazon Marketplace Sales"

Amazon Support is the bee's knees if you ever need it. This software speeds up a process and gives you ore time to deal with other tasks. That time savings alone is enough to justify the cost for our company. The integrations are top notch.

Jake C.
eCommerce Analyst
"Amazon sellers need this App!"

As an accountant who only serves Amazon Sellers I can say without a doubt that our practice couldn't do what we do without A2X.

Tyler J.
QuickBooks ProAdvisor
"Can't live without it"

I just installed it and got used to it in 5 minutes. I did have some questions about Sales tax and Iona answered me perfectly and very fast. The response time is very fast, chat is also awesome. The founder Ashley is also on top of everything. I needed some time to understand some tax rules in NYS but I cleared that up and hope to use it for a long time. When you sell on AMZ you need this.

Robert Landman
QuickBooks User
"Better than I expected."

I tested a few other Amazon account payment plug-ins and they did not perform with high volume and had many import errors. A2X handled our high volume 60,000 transactions per month just fine. All data was imported neatly into QuickBooks Online. I imported a years worth of data with no errors. I started skeptical, but in the end I was nicely impressed. I would fully recommend.

SilverOnyx LLC

"A2X's capability is unique in that it maps to the Amazon Settlement statements and matches exactly to the money deposited into the ecommerce businesses bank account. They even split invoices for settlements that span the end of the month so you have accurate financials by month for their Amazon sales."

Scott Scharf
Owner of Catching Clouds LLC

"I have been using A2X for a little over two years now and it is one of the best tools that I have. It has saved me a ton of time by creating the Amazon invoices instead of me having to go through many manual steps. In addition, the people at A2X and customer service is amazing -- they are quick to respond, fast in fixing errors and provide great communication. I highly recommend their service if you are an Amazon seller."

Eileen Schreiberg
Ecommerce Accountant

"A2X is a fantastic solution to reduce the admin and pain with Amazon marketplace data. The support is first class and Ashley was very quick to address queries that we had when getting the first batch of data completed. I'd highly recommend this for anyone with sales on Amazon as the price point is very competitive."

Niall McGinnity
Xero Chartered Accountant

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